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Screw Down Metal Panel System
Thursday, January 30, 2014
Nick Robbins

Screw Down Metal Panel System
Is this the right Metal Roofing System for Me?
By Nick Robbins
Owner-Residential Roofing Solutions of Collierville, TN

A screw down metal roofing system is a great choice for many of our clients that are seeking a more affordable metal roofing system.

A Screw Down Metal Panel has a net coverage of 36” (3 Feet) and utilizes fasteners with neoprene washes to fasten directly through the panel ribs in order to secure the panel to the existing decking, shingles, or lathing below. This panel is often referred to as an exposed fastener panel. Because the fastener head and washer will remain exposed upon installation.

Some of the factors that contribute to this being the panel of choice include affordability and appearance.  Screw Down Metal Panels are less expensive than other options and still offer the durability that is commonly associated with metal roofing panels. The appearance of a Screw Down Metal Panel once installed has wonderful curb appeal and is certainly enough to make your neighbors jealous. This panel can also be ideal for secondary structures such as garages and outdoor coverings.

Our clients are always advised to keep in mind that over time the neoprene washers that create the water tight seal around the fasteners will deteriorate. The general maintenance of a screw down metal roofing system requires that the screws and washers are replaced as they begin to breakdown due to exposure to the elements. This will likely only be an issue as many as 10 years down the road and is an inexpensive issue but diligence is required.

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